Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cookie, Cookie, Cookie!

Alexander likes very few sweets. I often wonder how he could be my child because I have a SERIOUS sweet tooth (except for my dislike of chocolate). On occasion, he will eat licorice, swedish fish or "red fish from Kea" as he calls them but no other candy. Even when we visited the preschool yesterday and he was offered a snack (mini cupcake that looked delicious to my eyes), he said "no tanks". At least he's polite, right? We have never understood his dislike for cake because his father, as most of us know, loves to eat cake. Every year for our anniversary or his birthday, I find myself running to Borrachini's Bakery per his request. The man even had his own cake at my baby shower.

But I digress...

Alexander does love cookies, though. He and his father will bake (and by "bake", I mean un-peel the tube of dough and lay it on a cookie sheet to bake) cookies at least once a week. It's rather cruel to a mommy who is on Weight Watchers but fortunately, the cookies never last long in our home.

Most times, one or both boys can be found in front of the oven, watching the cookies.

Alexander tells Daddy how much time is remaining. Or he is telling him that he gets the first cookie this time.

The cookies finally come out to cool.

Just in time to be eaten.

my apologies for using an older picture. Like I said, the cookies never last long so snapping a photo of the boys eating them is difficult, to say the least!

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