Monday, February 15, 2010

Airplane Ride, A Golf Game, and a Boat Ride

It turns out Alexander is the best traveler.


From the start, he was best boy in the airport. Held my hand whenever I asked him too. Never took off running away from me. And even through security, he was SO good. I was actually amazed at how great he was for me. We had to sit in the airport for an hour waiting for our flight and he couldn't get enough of looking at the blue plane with Mickey Mouse and the other Disney Characters painted on it.

On the plane, the good behavior continued. Remember, this is all without a nap. He sat in his carseat and watch Choo-Choo Express, part of Up and one Handy Mandy episode. Only in the last 20 minutes, did I see a meltdown. And let's be realistic, who isn't ready to be off the plane at that point, right?

We ended up back at Big Papa and Umma's house around 10:30 last night. The little guy fell asleep in the car so all I can say is the last numbers I saw on the clock were 11:41 when he crawled out of the playnpak to lay by me. About 20 minutes later, he crawled back to the crib so I think we fell asleep around midnight.
DAY 2: Golf, Sunshine, and a Boat Ride
I'm going to add the second day adventures simply because I'm sitting here with Ron playing Poker and Betsy socializing with friends so I have the time.

Wake up was about 7:30 this morning. One of the nice women in the park brought by golf clubs for the little man. With the weather around 70 degrees, the four of us took off to the golf course (which was more like a little put-put course but someone liked the three holes we "played").

After an attempted nap, which means Papa and Umma napped, I laid in the sun with a cocktail and Alexander played and talked to himself, we took on a boat ride to a floating bar on the Colorado river.

It's now 8:00 Arizona time and the kid crashed around 7PM. Up at 7AM and no nap does that to a kid. Not sure what tomorrow will bring but no doubt it will be filled with fun and more adventure!!

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