Monday, February 1, 2010

Up, Up, and Away!

Since the holiday season, one movie has reigned supreme above all others, in our house.


"WOO-WOO", "PUFF-PUFF", "CHOO-CHOO" has been screamed at full throttle since we first played it for Alexander. 67 days ago. Double that number for times viewed and you can imagine why Eric sneaks away to his computer when the little man makes his request (at least I can blog while he watches, right?) Questions are consistently uttered like, "why nor po, mama?", "why pu, mama?", "why fa, fa away, mama?". No matter how many times we watch it, the same questions occur. Over. And over. And over. *

*nor po = north pole, pu = pull or push, fa = far

However, we are pleased to announce a new movie has moved to the top of the blockbuster list.

Eric and I think it is the sweetest love story and Alexander thinks the "ba-woons" are the coolest colors. Even better, there are no "why" question to accompany this movie.
Just a "don't talk, mama". Ahhhh. Change is good. Right, Ellie?

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