Sunday, February 28, 2010

Favorite Rides ( Part 2)

The Sorcerer's Carousel
We knew ahead of time this ride would be enjoyed because we had ridden the Carousel in Seattle.
Just look at that face.

Hold on tight.

No fall down, Mommy.

Round and round and round (with hand gestures creating a circle in the air)

Umma could not wait to take Alexander on this ride. Dumbo is her favorite Disney story (and makes her cry. Every. Time.) Her anticipation was well worth the wait, especially when the kid figured out how the controller made Dumbo rise and fall.

Who's more excited for this ride to begin?

Hi Mommy and Daddy!

Ahhhhh, this is how you make an elephant fly...


Look up there, Umma. Big Papa is flying too!

Daddy and Mommy didn't really fit in that little ride together but they definitely tried!

Peter Pan
After the fiasco in Mr. Toad Wild Ride, we weren't sure if Alexander would enjoy Peter Pan.

We assume he liked it.

Alice's Spinning Teacups
Mommy doesn't spinning rides. Daddy does.
And so does Alexander.
As an observer, this ride was by far the most entertaining to watch.
They would start with all four hands on the wheel. Daddy would start spinning. I could see Alexander and then...only his feet were visible as he toppled over. His little head would pop right back up...and then his feet. And this his head. And he was laughing so hard. I couldn't stop laughing so I'm not sure I caught the full effect of the ride in photos.
Alexander didn't seem to mind the toppling, as he asked for this ride several times.

Here we go!

Daddy starts the spinning...


...where'd Alexander go?

Daddy couldn't stop laughing either. While the little man continues to hold on for dear life!

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