Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vacation Day #2 RECAP

Today was pretty low-key but happily, really really warm out there. So warm. So nice.
  • Up at 7AM
  • Line Dancing at 9AM
  • Big Papa spent the day fishing
  • We did laundry with Umma
  • We played outside with our trains and a bean bag game
  • Mama sat in the sun with a book and cocktail while Alexander napped
  • Big Papa returned from fishing and took Mama to Wal-Mart in Parker, AZ so she could buy more pull ups and a stroller for Disneyland
  • Alexander didn't actually nap so he and Umma napped
  • Hotdogs for dinner
  • Bath and now Letter Factory with Big Papa while Mama and Umma go play BINGO.

The fun never ends...

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