Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Going to Take a Few Days recover from our trip and share all the pictures and stories. Mommy is a little too tired to do it all in one sitting. And a little toddler is waking from his nap so she must go. However, she will try to post day one tonight. She knows she has some anxious readers who want to know how the little man fared.

By the way, Alexander far exceeded our expectations a traveler and as a Disney fan. He never complained on either plane ride.

He napped the three hours when we landed in AZ and had to drive home to Parker.
Holding Umma's hand, of course.

He was a champ the five hours we had him strapped in the truck as we drove from Parker to Anaheim on Thursday (pretty sure Umma and I won "complainers of the day"). Nights were a little rough but sleeping in a strange place isn't easy. And naps were non-existent but that didn't bother anyone.

He continues to amaze us with his easy going personality.


RonaldM said...

You two were perfect house guests. Of course Alex won the hearts of many here at Castle Rock Shores. Can't wait till next year.
Love, Umma & Big Papa

Anonymous said...

Big Papa and Umma the first thing he told us was that he saw Big Papa and Umma. "I love them". I think the little guy is going to have withdrawal from not seeing you every day.