Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Welcome 2014!

We rang in the New Year with our best friends.
 I think we actually made it to 11pm this year.  

The kids played video games and made bracelets upstairs, while the parents played Cards of Humanity downstairs.
Happy New Year!

We still had a few more days at home to play.
 Mommy couldn't wait to head out and meet this little guy!
C was born right before Christmas and it was AWESOME to meet him!!

For Alexander's birthday party, we started kicking around ideas and landed on bowling.
Only Alexander had never been bowling so we had to try it out.
Any game that brings out that must enthusiasm in a 7 year old is a must!
He loved it and the party was booked!

January brought the third year of playing basketball.
It was a like a lightbulb clicked on for him and this game.
His skills improved each week, but more importantly, so did his love for the game!

Alexander brought a couple of friends to help the big kids with a fundraising event for the American Heart Association.
 You're never too young to be a service leader and help others.

Next up: Birthday Weekend!!
And, I just decided I am going to make the celebration it's own post.

The end of January brought us a surprise shot of sunshine.  We took full advantage of it!

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