Saturday, July 5, 2014

August '13 Flashback

A camping trip was planned with best friends so a new sleeping bag was in order.
Unfortunately, the batteries to my former phone died on the drive over so I have zero photos from the weekend.  It was a weekend of hot temps, boating, fishing, and awesome thunderstorms.  

August also brought weekly garage sale finds 
and a big boy room, decorated by the little man himself!

The days flew by, filled with afternoon bbq's, days by the pool, and before we knew it, our little dude was starting 1st grade!
Like his mama, the kids LOVES school supplies!

Such a handsome first grader, don't you think?

We decided to wrap up the summer with an good ol' end of the summer Labor Day BBQ.  
We invited friends and family, lit up the grill and roasted the last S'mores of the season.

It was a good summer.
No doubt about it.

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