Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Crazy Cat

We interrupt our regularly scheduled flashback posts to share a story about our crazy cat.
When searching for a photo of our cat on my phone, I found one of him hiding under our Christmas tree. 
 Let me know if you find this photo as ironic as I do, after you read the story.

We have an indoor/outdoor cat.  One who typically sleeps all day and explores at night.
On July 5, he headed outdoors around 11PM, which is normal behavior.
Around 1AM, Eric called to bring him back in.  

And, discovered he had climbed a tree.
125' fir tree in our neighbors yard, to be exact.

We spent Sunday calling to him and boy, he would talk right back. He sounded scared, it was 80 degrees, and EVERYONE could hear his cries.  We're pretty sure neighbors were kept up at night, if they kept their windows open.  Each time we checked, it appeared he kept climbing up;  not down. We think it was to avoid the birds (dumb crows) that were dive bombing him. You may be asking yourself how he got up there  In talking with the neighbors who own the tree, they saw coyotes in their yard and we suspect the pack treed Guybrush on Saturday night.  It was a long day, waiting to see if he would work his way down that tree.   

Finally, we couldn't stand the suffering.  We called a cat rescue company.
Did you know there were cat rescue companies?
Neither did we.

This is what the rescuer found at the 120' foot mark.

Eventually, they landed on the ground 

and we were able to take our sweet boy home.
Safe and sound.

The End.

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