Monday, July 7, 2014

November '13 Flashback

I thought October was a lean month for photos, but November is downright embarrassing.  

Alexander continued to enjoy the dual language program at his school.  The school sent home a couple of online resources for reading books online in both English and Spanish.  We decided it was time for a desk and computer in the play room.  He really enjoyed having this new work space!
We continued to spend every Saturday and Sunday watching football.
It was really fun watching Alexander learn about the game and cheering on our teams.

And, it gave Daddy some much deserved down time on the weekend.

Before we knew it, Thanksgiving was here.
With our entire family out of town, it was time for new traditions.
We set up Christmas, made a few cocktails, and cuddled up to watch movies over the long weekend.

November wrapped up with Apple Cup - UW vs WSU FOOTBALL!
Alexander and I dressed in our finest WSU gear and headed off to spend the afternoon with friends.

BFF's at the beginning
and the end.

Next year we'll get 'em!

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