Saturday, July 5, 2014

July '13 Flashback

We had a great time when Uncle Jeff, Auntie Liz, Mary and David came out to visit.  Picnics on the living room floor, digging in the dirt, and eating s'mores is the best way to kick off summer!
Oh, and we can't forget pedicure day!

Not sure why we don't have a family photo. How did we forget to do that?  

Happy 4th of July!

On July 11, we spread Ho-Ho Papa's ashes in Eastern Washington.  
It was his birthday and this was his favorite spot to go camping.

With my brother in town for Dad's birthday, we spent a lot time with family.

Alexander and Lorelli brought home rocks from the river and painted them for Umma.
They are wearing Papa's shirts.

We also spent time at the pool and took in a movie or two.

Summer is flying by!

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