Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun - 2011

In a few hours, we will arrive at my grandma's house. We'll hang out, eat too much food, and proceed to the Easter egg hunt (you can read about last year's adventure here). I've never experienced an outdoor egg hunt, with real eggs. Instead, big and little kids, race through Grandma's playroom, searching for plastic eggs filled with my dad's poker winnings (thanks, Dad!). Living in the Northwest means unpredictable weather and once upon a time, a brillant someone decided on an indoor egg hunt. I've never complained.

Obviously, with a single child, the arrival of the Easter bunny is rather anticlimatic. We don't hide eggs. I do, however, pack bags for the boys and make the special delivery from the Easter Bunny. Let's face it, it's really just another excuse for me to spoil the boys and I love it.

Eric is the harder of the two to shop for and usually ends up with candy. Alexander, on the other hand...

knows exactly what bag is his.

knows exactly how to dig into the gifts.

knows that a cool monkey towel for swim class is awesome.

and knows that I'm going to ask for a photo of the new doctor gear (playing doctor is his latest obsession).
Being a doctor is serious business.

Just between you and I, I look forward to Easter at my grandma's house more than any other holiday. Even more than Christmas.

That's saying a lot.

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Jodie said...

That monkey towel is may favorite. Okay, almost favorite. The kid inside it is pretty good too.