Thursday, April 14, 2011


Alexander is built like his dad. Fast metabolism. Long legs. Skinny bean-pole of a kid.

When we were at the park, I noticed that his sweats no longer touch the top of his shoes. In other words...high waters!

OH NO! Not MY kid!

I immediately started thinking about exchanging out his clothing for larger sizes. However, my thought is we can hold out on 5T clothing until fall. It will be summer soon (not that the endless rain is any indication but hope springs eternal). He'll be in shorts and short-sleeved shirts all summer so why spend the money on clothing that he may outgrow in six months? Thus, I convinced myself to wait until the fall or late summer.

Today, I walked in the door and he ran to me.

In jeans that are short enough to be capri pants.

OH NO! Not MY kid!

Fortunately, we have wonderful friends who have passed on clothing to us. I've purchased items on sale in larger sizes. All these items are in a bin in his room.

Today, that bin was cracked open and all 4T pants has officially been replaced.

I've always enjoyed replacing his clothes because it's as close as I get to flooding him with a new wardrobe. Like his dad, he simply doesn't care about his clothes.

I thought I'd shop online sales for another pair of jeans for him.

I went to The Children's Place (their jeans are perfect for bean-pole boy), clicked on the Baby Boy tab and... there IS NO 5T! Apparently, baby boy ends at 4T.

WHAT? My son isn't a BABY BOY anymore?

When the heck did that happen?

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