Tuesday, April 5, 2011

BEFORE and AFTER pictures...and a visit with Jo-Jo!

When Alexander's hair grows too long, it lays every which way and is a mess. I wish it had more of a shaggy, surfer boy look but instead, he ends up looking like a hobo.

A REALLY cute hobo.

So, out came the Flo-Bee and Daddy got to work. It amazes how much he looks like his daddy after a hair cut.

Of course, turn around is fair play, right?

All of this was in preparation for a visit with Jo-Jo. Kid can't look like a bum when one of his favorites is coming into town. Alexander put her right to work on the puzzle making.

After awhile, the puzzle making grew tiresome so we headed out to Torero's for dinner.

A couple of cocktails and chips and salsa was just what we needed!

When we returned home, Alexander HAD to show Jodie his favorite movie, Unstoppable. He also had to tell her which bad words she couldn't repeat.

Naturally, a Jo-Jo visit wouldn't be complete without chocolate chip cookies.

Thanks for spending part of spring break with us, Jo-Jo! We love you!


Schoolcraft Stuff said...

She's a lovely house guest and he's a charming and handsome host!

Jodie said...

"Jo-Jo look for book and kitty pieces!" Being with you guys is one of my very favorite things! Loveyousomuch!

Jodie said...
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