Wednesday, April 6, 2011

What a day!

Two big events today, people. And, lucky you, Mommy was home to capture them for the blog. And how much do we love having Mommy home on spring break, so you could enjoy all these entries?
You're welcome.


Mommy hasn't seen her little fish swim for several months. Naturally, I had to take about million pictures. And videos. Ya know, for those days when he is an Olympic swimmer and I need to sell footage of him as a little swimmer so we can live off our kid happily in retirement. Oh, don't know you'd do it, too. There are a couple of videos so be patient as they load...the last one may be my favorite.


After a very short nap, Alexander and Mommy had dentist appointments. Mommy dislikes the dentist, as it is.

Imagine how fun the car ride must have been with a SCREAMING Alexander in the back seat. FOR THE FULL 20 MINUTE DRIVE TO THE DENTIST.


Anyhow, there must be special air flowing in the dentist office because the minute the kid walked in, he was just FINE. Eric and I may have been a bundle of nerves but thankful the tears had stopped.

The little man was great. Daddy sat in the room to keep him company and I could hear them chattering away.

I don't know why he has sunglasses on but if it works, wear the glasses, kid!

Teeth were cleaned, the dentist gave us both the stamp of approval, and Alexander is happily spending the evening with his grandparents.

While his parents de-stress with cocktails at home.

just sayin'

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