Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday, Marigold!

One year ago, we posted this...
Today, we celebrated this...

It was a beautiful sunny day. It was almost like Marigold ordered sunshine for her very own day!
We had a terrific time, playing at a local park.
After playing on the toys for about 45 minutes, Alexander moved on to bubble blowing.

Eventually, he did blow plenty of bubbles. And chased them all. was time for presents! We've been working with him on realizing when we give present, the presents STAY with the person who receives them. AND we let the birthday boy/girl open the present. Not an easy concept for an eager four year old. Fortunately, Fidelia didn't mind busy hands helping her out.

Happy First Birthday, Marigold!
Thanks for letting us join your party!

We love you!

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Schoolcraft Stuff said...

Bless you for taking some pictures! I was awful at documenting. Will you send me a couple? Thank you so much for coming. I am now officially a ball of emotion. Love you and your helpful present opening boy!