Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My son...The misogynistic swimmer

So Alex and I are headed to the store to buy grahamn crackers and some wine for mom and I get out of the explorer to offer to help someone push their car to pop the clutch of their car.
Alex says, "Girls can only drive, they can't do that."
I say, "Girls can do anything boys can do Alex." Then quickly add, "Except pee standing up."
Alex doesn't miss a beat and adds, "And put away silverware."

(Practicing our lifejacket safety)

Today at swimming we were hoping Umma would show up again, and we got really excited when we saw her car. Then we saw something else that sent us over the edge... HO-HO papa!
(He was worried he would lose the good shower and was probably a little cold)
And yes, in our grand tradition we failed.

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