Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Magic Part 4 - The Final Installment

Christmas Magic Part 4
Ho-Ho Papa and Umma's house

Finally! The last part of this crazy holiday weekend! Each year, we say we are going to gather at my parents house in the late afternoon to celebrate Christmas. And every year, my sister and I move the time up several hours, causing our parents to scramble over last minute details. When all is said and done, the last minute details are well worth their efforts.

Once we cooked and devoured the traditional breakfast rolls, the family moved to the basement to open gifts. Auntie Kimmie and Alexander had no problem posing for pictures while we waited!

The little elves are more than ready to begin! I wish I had a better picture of all the gifts surrounding the tree. It is quite possible my parents went overboard this year. Quite possible, indeed!

The first gift we opened was a book with a recording of my dad's voice, reading The Night Before Christmas. Truthfully, this could have been the only gift we opened and it would have been enough. Priceless.
Just like this photo of us 3 opening the book and I'm the only one paying attention to the camera!

And then the present opening began...
Lo and Behold - DINOSAUR TRAIN!

Thanks to Lorelli, Auntie Kimmie and Uncle RJ, the ultimate gift arrived.
And was opened almost immediately, leaving other presents to be forgotten.

Despite his total focus on his Dinosaur Train, we asked Alexander to open up a few more gifts.

GeoTrax from Uncle Patrick and Auntie Lissa.

And the Santa Train GeoTrax set from his grandparents.

Eric and I scored a few great gifts...including so many Disney ornaments that I have a full guarantee we will need a bigger tree next year!
The holiday weekend has ended. The three of us are battling colds and ear infections. And I still have to tear down the decorations.

Neverthless, it was an awesome holiday weekend.

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