Monday, December 20, 2010

Jo-Jo, Santa, and Marigold

Imagine Alexander's delight on Sunday afternoon when we woke him from his nap with news that Jo-Jo was having a sleepover with us! He got right to work cleaning up the playroom so they would have plenty of space in which to play. He set aside all of his crayons and coloring books so they could color. And best of all, Jo-Jo read to him before bedtime.

Note to self: Don't count to three so Alexander cannot anticipate the flash and close his eyes.

After a super fun night, we bundled up and headed to the mall this morning. Normally, we spend the mornings of holiday breaks walking the mall for exercise. Only this time, we were on a mission to see Santa Claus! The lines are shorter at Nordstrom than with the mall Santa and the company is so good and patient about taking the right picture of the kids with Santa.

Fidelia and Marigold joined us, which was almost as much fun as seeing Santa. Naturally, I had to take a few pictures as we waited in lines.

Yep, I counted to three before snapping this picture.

Marigold loves staring at Alexander.

Alexander wasn't so sure he wanted to kiss the baby but finally, bravery took over.

The line moved quickly, which is exactly why we prefer this Santa over the mall Santa.
Before we realized it, it was Alexander's turn to meet Santa Claus!

That kid of ours is so stinking cute.

Sweet Marigold had her turn, too. She wasn't a fan of the big scary dude.
At all.

Alexander asked Santa for a bicycle. When Eric asked Alexander why he didn't ask for Dinosaur Train, Alexander responded, "I told the other Santa I wanted a Dinosaur Train. I don't want two of them, Daddy."

Turns out he's cute AND smart!

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Schoolcraft Stuff said...

I love this so much! Send me the original pics if you get a chance. Best surprise day ever! xo