Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Magic Part 3

Christmas Magic Part 3
Home Sweet Home
It was with full anticipation when I awoke on Christmas morning at 7:30AM. To my surprise, the house was completely quiet. I probably shouldn't have been surprised since Christmas Eve was a long day, with no nap, and we were battling colds on top of everything else.
But Mommy was ready to go!

Question: What's the easiest way to wake a house with sleeping folks?
Answer: Grind coffee beans. Loads and loads of coffee beans.

Within minutes, the magical trick worked. Alexander ran from his room, assuming it was like any other school day and Mommy was preparing for work. Imagine his surprise when I reminded him that it was Christmas morning. All this awaited him!

Look what Santa brought! A NEW BIKE!
Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy!!

Santa also left a Candyland game, new books, another Geotrax remote control train and track set, and a few other odds and ends that Santa couldn't resist.
Like a Toy Story 3 nerf gun that Daddy loved.
Mommy target time!

Guybrush REALLY enjoyed his new scratch pad, too.

We were very lucky to have two family members staying with us - Jo-Jo and Zak! Santa is pretty amazing and found them at our house!

They celebrated with champagne toasts, read new books to Alexander, and even helped Alexander take a spin on his new bike.

Before long, all presents were unwrapped. After saying goodbye to J0-Jo and Zak, we spent a few hours at home as a family, playing games, riding the bike, and prepared for an afternoon at Ho-Ho Papa and Umma's house with Mommy's family.
It was an amazing Christmas morning, surrounded by loved ones.

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