Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Magic, Parts 1 and 2

I'm sitting in my living room, the day after Christmas, surrounded by a giant GeoTrax train set. What? You're surprised by that information?
Let me show you what Eric and Alexander made last night, once we brought home all the goodies from Ho-Ho Papa and Umma's house.
He brought home the Santa Geo Trax set, which was all good and dandy because it lights up and has sounds

but then he decided to go bigger and add the new set Uncle Patrick and Auntie Lissa gave him!
This is the current decor of my living room and I suspect after nap time, the city will grow again.

Christmas Magic Part 1
Dinner with Besties
On Wednesday night we enjoyed a delightful dinner with best friends.
The kids made towers and tunnels for the Christmas train.

After dinner, they opened presents while the adults drank beverages and re-watched the preschool fall feast - which was just as hilarious to us as it was the day of the event.
Cole and Addie open their gift from Alexander

and then it was Alexander's turn.
Thank you for the remote control train, Addie and Cole!

Christmas Magic Part 2
Christmas Eve at Grandma Great's
Every year, Grandma Great leaves the ornaments off the tree so Alexander and Lorelli can decorate it on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, the picture I took of Lorelli was overexposed and I can't fix it. But I did capture Alexander's moment once he maneuvered his way through the presents to the tree.
Thirty eight years of Christmas Eve's at Grandma's house are filled with memories. Many of my fondest ones are of handing out the stockings with my cousins in the front room at Grandma's house. It was loud, chaotic, and such fun. Imagine my delight as I watched my sweet almost-four-year-old become a Christmas elf.
who had to take a break from helping whenever his name was called to receive a gift.

And don't tell me you don't love the awesome headlamp I'm wearing. Grandma gave one to each of us. If you don't believe me...

Jodie and Fidelia - you can thank me later for posting this pic of you!

What is it about babies that makes Christmas so magical?
I wish I had the picture of Eric and Marigold but it's on Fidelia's camera.
Neither Alexander or I got to close to the baby because we both have winter colds.
I'm nice like that.
Despite the lack of photos or contact with the baby, we were so blessed to spend this holiday with a sweet baby girl.
Jo-Jo, Casey, Marigold and Joanne share a moment

while Fidelia holds her daughter's stocking for the first time.
Once the stocking fun ended, we moved to the back room for more presents and the White Elephant gift exchange.
Alexander opens his gift from Ho-Ho Papa and Umma.

And then it was gift exchanging with Grandma Great. Man, these two are cut of the same cloth. They spent the afternoon coloring and then both insisted on watching/helping one another with their gifts.

Thank you for the Thomas the Train puzzle play mat and trains, Grandma Great!

We tried for the annual family picture. Only by the time we were ready, Alexander was not. Or maybe he is so hard to tell because the kid refuses to keep his eyes open for pictures.

At least Mommy and Daddy pulled one off.
Man, that was a long post and there is still more to come!
I'll post Christmas Magic Parts 3 and 4 tomorrow.

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