Friday, December 31, 2010

Life Lessons at the Library

This week, Alexander and Mommy took a field trip to the library. And by "field trip", I mean, "we needed to get out of the house but didn't have a lot of energy to do much". Mommy had books to return, books to pick up, and as previously mentioned, Alexander needed out of the house.

The library is less than 5 minutes away. In the spring/summer/early fall months, it is very easily within walking distance. On a day where temps dropped into the high 20s, we drove.

Turns out this trip to the library might have been my best idea ever. Little did I realize how many life lessons there are to be learned at the library.

1. Alexander loves to hit the automatic door buttons.
Life Lesson: there are consequences for all actions.

2. Alexander has to use his indoor voice and can't run at the library.
Life Lesson: Respect those around you.

3. Alexander is going to check out 3 books at every visit. He has to be responsible for the care of the books. If anything happens to them (tears/rips), he has to pay for the replacement fee out of his piggy bank. This means less money for garage sales with Big Papa and Umma. This may have been my smartest move ever because he totally got it when I mentioned this. Totally.
Life Lesson: Financial responsibility.

4. Alexander can go through the online catalog and select what books he wants delivered to our library and the pick them up.
Life Lesson: Patience as he waits for his books to arrive.

5. Going to library once a week will insure Mommy does not receive any more late fees.
Life Lesson: Mommy may still be working on her own financial responbility...

We are both looking forward to our weekly adventures to the library.
Daddy is looking forward to having new books to read at naptime that didn't cost us any money.
For those of you who have little ones, what do you do on a weekly basis?
And do you look for life lessons or is that just me being the teacher I am?

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