Monday, October 12, 2009

A Virus

No, the new laptop does not have a virus. Mommy does. She woke to a sore throat when Alexander started his morning babble at the God-awful hour of 4:00AM. Yes, I said AM. The babble really is adorable, as he recites his A, B, C's, counts his animals, and says hello to "Big Papa, Umma, Ho-Ho Papa and Umma". Over and over and over again. We would prefer him to start it a few hours later, that's all. From there, the sore throat progressed to a sinus headache, scratchy voice, a cough, and the chills. To top it off, Mommy received a flu shot on her lunch anticipation of keeping the flu from rolling in, don'tcha know.

Theraflu Warming Relief. Check. Nyquil. Check. Cough Drops. Check. Kleenex. Check. Orange juice. Check.

Let the battle begin.

P.S. As soon as the pictures finish copying from the external hard drive, I will post the latest of the little man with his favorite toy.

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Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Ugh. Hope you feel better! Maybe you need a day off work. :)