Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Surprise birthday visit

This weekend we visited our good friends who live a few hours away. Before I begin, let me back track a bit and give you the history...

Eric and all of his buddies from high school attended Western Washington University. One of the boys, "J" moved back to that college town with his wife and family a few years ago. We went to surprise J for his birthday and to see the home they built out in the county. J and K moved into their new home last January and we are bad friends who hadn't seen it, other than in pictures. So, we packed a mini van with four adults and three kids and headed on our northern trek.

I can't say at what exact point on the drive it occurred, but there was a literal transformation that fell over the men in the car as they entered their college town. The years faded and we were sitting with college boys (albeit with two toddlers and a five year old and two wives crammed in the back seat). And they stayed that way for the next 12 hours. I met Eric when we were 20 and I was the first wife to enter the boys group. I love watching these men together. It is such a joy to remember the boys they were and meld that with the amazing husbands and fathers they have become.

Watching kids play in the driveway

Exploring the great outdoors together

View from their driveway, with the boys pulling a wagon full of kiddos

The weather was pretty chilly up north so we spent quite a bit of time indoors. As we know, Alexander is Train Boy. The Geotrax Train set came out and Alexander fell in love.

Zoe helps Alexander set it up.

Addie and Alexander playing

Future engineer?

After a full day of running around in the crisp fall air, the excitement of trains, and WAY too much good food, we piled everyone into the mini van to head home.

Long past bedtime for these two

And stuck the boys in the very back.

Happy Happy Birthday, J! Hope you enjoyed your surprise!

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Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

We loved having you! And are so glad you made the trek up. Now next time you can stay and we'll party all weekend. :) It was a super fun day having you up and Josh was definitely surprised. So much fun to see you all!

p.s. Thank you for not putting any of my demonic pictures up.

Love, your hideously non-photogenic friend.