Thursday, October 29, 2009

Clorox Wipes

I'm obsessed. With wiping EVERYTHING down with Clorox Wipes. H1N1 has entered my school and kids are dropping like flies. Not literally "dropping" but in my three classes today, at least 25 kids were missing, due to a cold or flu. So, the numbers are growing and I feel it is time to go on the attack.

My new rules for this winter:

~Ask kids use hand sanitizer on their way out of the gym. Yes, I stand there and make them use it. Yes, they hate it. Yes, I still make them do it. I'm mean like that.

~Ask my TA's to wipe down all the equipment with the wipes, before class begins.

~Ask my TA's to use the wrestling mat solution to wipe down the folding mats
that are used for my fitness classes.

~Ask my TA's to wipe down all the sink handles and water faucet handles in between classes with wipes (I have a feeling I won't have as many students asking to be my TA next year).

~Avoid the weight room. At all costs.

~No high-fives or "knucks".

~If you use a phone, a pen or any other item in my office, you must wipe it down with a wipe. They usually think I'm kidding about this rule. I'm not.

After all, I have to make sure I'm doing my best to take care of my boys.

They are worth the obsession, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Enter the library and wipe your hands.
TA's wipe down all computer keyboards and mice and desks. I do it the periods I don't have TA's.
Better to be prepared then ill.

Anonymous said...

ALWAYS worth the obsession! Keegan missed a week of school with a bronchial/asthma "thing". No flu here but at my neighbors house. No h1n1, but still high fevers. You would think with the long summer and warm weather we had this year it would have died, seemed to have grown exponentially. (50 cent word) Chell