Monday, October 19, 2009

Mouth. Tum. Butt.

Potty training. I just don't understand why Alexander hasn't figured it out.

Or has he?

Just the other night, he had Ho-Ho Papa and Grrma laughing hysterically as he, quite seriously explained while eating, that food goes in his "Mouth. Tum. Butt". Keep in mind, Alexander doesn't quite string sentences together. But you can bet we clearly understood what he was explaining to us, as he gestured to each body part, in the exact order that it occurs in the digestive system process.

Upon asking who taught him that, Alexander proudly explained, "Big Papa. Dadda."

Sometimes, he is so much like his father, it frightens me.

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Rachel said...

AWww ! He's got it all figured out already! :)