Wednesday, October 7, 2009

To my Faithful Readers:

Hello to all!
Mommy asked me to tell you that the blog is taking a brief hiatus. The hiatus is for a very good reason. Mommy's school district is updating her laptop this week. She is really excited about receiving a new laptop FOR FREE!! However, this means that all my childhood photos/movies needed to be moved to the external hard drive. Daddy is taking care of this for us. This also means that the super cute pictures Mommy took of me tonight can't be uploaded until the new computer arrives. She says they are worth the wait so check in this weekend. Duh, Mommy...of course they are!

So, once she and Daddy put everything back in order on the new laptop, the blog will be back in business. In the meantime, why not post a comment for her to read? I'll give you a topic...let's a comment suggesting a Christmas gift for an almost three year old toddler...I will make sure Santa/Mommy/Daddy/my grandparents hear all your suggestions!

Hope all of you are enjoying the fall weather. Apparently, Mommy enjoyed her first Pumpkin Spice Latte this morning. She says it was delicious but something I can't have until I'm older. She says that about driving, too. What a party-pooper. Good thing she doesn't know that Daddy sometimes lets me sip his beer...that's a secret between us boys, ya know.

Love you!

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Rachel said...

We will miss you while you're laptop is MIA!