Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Game

Objective: To catch your opponent

Materials needed: 1 Oven mitt, 1 toddler, 1 adult (willing to run)

How game is played: Toddler runs into kitchen, puts on oven mitt, and yells "CLAW" at the top of his lungs. *In this photo version, our toddler is carrying the phone in order to include Big Papa and Umma in the game. Playing over the phone is allowed.*

Toddler will run to nearest adult, who must start running throughout the house, trying to avoid being tickled by The Claw. When adult can no longer breathe due to high levels of physical activity, a second adult may be substituted.

Variation: Adult can go into kitchen, put on oven mitt, and yell "CLAW" and begin chasing toddler. Pets may also be incorporate d into the game.

Game is over when toddler says "Stop Mama" or "Stop Dada". Or when toddler lays down.


Anonymous said...

Or game is over when Umma lays down from exhaustion and has to leave to take a much needed nap.

Anonymous said...

So funny!