Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Upside to Being Snowed In

Alexander takes marathon naps, ranging from 3-4 hours on any given day. Eric usually naps too but he's been able to sleep in so we (and by we, I mean I) have taken advantage of baby-free hours to tackle tasks.

1. cleaned out baby toys in anticipation of Christmas and birthday gifts
2. cleaned out all closets of clothes/shoes/coats/blankets and put them aside for goodwill
3. cleaned the basement and hid all baby toys so they can't get "rediscovered" by curious toddler
4. cleaned/organized the loft and put together the White Elephant gift for Christmas Eve
5. cleaned/organized cabinets in the island - and discovered liquor that I didn't know we had!
6. finished mounds of laundry and even put it all away
7. cleaned/organized the utility room
8. Eric cleaned his computer space
9. read the Twilight series again and another 2 books
10. cleaned both bathrooms (and we know how much I HATE cleaning toilets)
11. dust and vacuumed both floors of the house

Since another storm hit yesterday, I think I'll tackle the kitchen cabinets and the fridge today!


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Man, can you come to MY house?? I'll be happy to take a nap and let you work. :)

Anonymous said...

Have cabin fever?!?!?!

Too yucky today, Dad says chains tomorrow...too cold and blowing for today