Thursday, December 11, 2008

Speaking of Santa...

Eric and I took Alexander to meet Santa today!

And it was a disaster. As I leaned down to put him on Santa's lap, Alexander latched on with a death grip. He only wants Mommy once I get home from work, so I suppose an afternoon visit wasn't the best time to get his picture taken with a fat, bearded man wearing a red, velour jumpsuit. Anyhow, I finally get him on Santa's lap and he starts SCREAMING! Mind you, this is in Nordstrom's so nice people around us had their holiday shopping interrupted by my wailing child. One man even asked if an audio tape came with the photo. I was laughing so hard at my tormented child that I couldn't see straight. Eric had a look of mortification on his face and couldn't wait to scoop his son out of Santa's arms. Pretty sure I'm not getting Mother of the Year for this event but man, it was worth it.

See, when I was about 2, my parents took me to meet Santa. They have a great photo of me, with the scary man in a red suit, screaming with outstretched arms towards my parents. And everytime I look at that photo, I can picture my mom laughing at my 2 year old self.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Hence the reason my kids have never sat on Santa's lap.

Anonymous said...

I need a copy so I can frame the two pictures together :)