Thursday, December 18, 2008


5:20 - "O Holy Night" bursts out of the clock radio, waking me out of a sound sleep. I groan and hit the snooze. Why did I have to stay up so late watching the Britney Spears documentary? Nothing "holy" about that show, I tell ya.
5:24 - Guybrush starts whining and walking all over me. I groan again.
5:26 - Phone rings. It is my mom activating the phone tree. We're two hours late. More groaning.
5:32 - Phone rings again. Mom is calling to tell me to call for a sub so she doesn't have to worry about my driving to work. I appreciate the concern but couldn't we have discussed this in about an hour? Nonetheless, I climb out of bed to look at the inch of snow on the ground, and decide Eric will take me to work. Eric groans.
6:10 - Alexander starts rumbling around his room, playing with the loudest toys in there (I have got to remove those today). I get up, make my coffee, and greet my son for the day.
6:23 - In the middle of changing a super gross poopy diaper (I can hear you groaning), my mom calls AGAIN. No school.

And it isn't even 6:30...


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

School was cancelled up here last night. Good thing because we got MORE snow. My "alarm" went off early this morning too but Josh got up with her. :)

Anonymous said...

...just wait until tomorrow morning :)