Saturday, December 27, 2008

As it turns out, my son is a traitor. He loves the snow. On Christmas Day, after opening presents and filling bellies with holiday treats, Alexander, Grandpa, Uncle RJ, cousin Lorelli and Daddy ventured out to play.
*please ignore the fact that my son does not have on snow boots or gloves and he is not wearing his winer coat.
I wasn't prepared for a white christmas snowball fight!*

Which way should I go? I'll go fast so Daddy can't catch me!

First you make a snowball... then you throw it!

Lorelli winds up! And then runs away.

Nice shot, Lorelli! Even Alexander has to agree!

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mnmommy said...

Isn't this snow unreal? I've never seen Vancouver like this. Sounds as though it's the same story for you.