Thursday, December 4, 2008

Drama King?

Getting Alexander to change his clothes is always a battle. Tonight's battle resulted in a fat lip and tears for Mom. During tonight's wardrobe change into pajama's, Alexander turned on the toddler hysterics. Arms were swinging. Legs were kicking. He's screaming and crying like we're putting a hot poker to his eye. And then he throws his head back, right into my upper lip. Hard. So, at this point, my patience is thin and I tell him if he is going to continue to cry, he can go stand in the corner of his playroom. He stops, stares at me, and then runs across the room to throw himself on his chair with more wailing and hands over his face (picture Lorelli if you've ever seen her do this very thing). He stands back up, comes over to where we are sitting, and Eric asked him if he was done crying. He says "nooooo" and proceeds to run back over into the corner and fling himself on to his chair, with more crying and carrying on. After four more drama productions, his tears are fake, Eric and I are shoving fists in our mouths to keep from laughing, and I have tears streaming down my face. It was a glimpse at the sense of humor hidden in our child. Uncle Patrick may not be the only actor in the family.


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Yep. He's about 2. :)

Fidelia said...

Oh so very hilarious!!!
He's gonna bring down the house someday:)

Anonymous said...

Uncle Patrick will be so proud!
Grandma B