Thursday, March 12, 2009


Do you have a favorite song you sung to your babies or had sung to you as a child?

When Alexander was a newborn, I used to sing the WSU fight song to him. (It was either that or Happy Birthday because let's face it, I cannot carry a tune.) The minute I would start singing, Alexander would settle into my arms, look into my eyes, and fall asleep, dreaming of days when he would wear Crimson and Grey.

The past few days, our busy toddler hasn't woken up well after naptime and we've been racking up the cuddle time. Today Mommy and Alexander curled up on the couch and I was immediately taken back to the newborn days.

I did what any good Coug mommy would do. I sang the fight song. Alexander stopped crying, settled into my arms, and fell asleep.

So, for a little while this afternoon, I travelled back in time and sang our favorite lullaby with my baby asleep in my arms. And nothing else really seemed to matter.


Anonymous said...

This brings back memories when I would rock you, and then Kimberly and then Patrick to the WSU fight song when you were babies. Hmmm, wonder if that has anything to do with why you all ended up being proud Cougs????

Anonymous said...

And so, we do indeed come full circle. I suspect you enjoyed your special time, as we enjoyed our time with you three. Making special memories. GP B.