Monday, March 9, 2009

Funny Mall Observation

So - with grandma back, and the weather being crummy, Alex, Grandma and I have been walking the mall every weekday morning again.

Today it was snowing lightly and I was a bit surprised grandma even risked the drive over. It started snowing a bit more as we left the house and headed to the mall but we got there safe.

We do our three laps around the top of the mall then go down to the main floor. Normally the playground inside the mall is full of children running around in their socks. Luckily Alex has no desire to go to germ central, so we just cruise right by it (We do skip the car rides at the other end of the mall though).

Anyways. The normally full play area. (And by full I mean full of mothers chatting with each other while they drink their Starbucks and watch their children play) is virtually empty due to the snow. Then I notice the two adults watching their children are both dads but they're sitting on the opposite sides watching their children...The moral of the story.....Moms don't like driving in the snow.

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Jen said...

I HATE driving in the snow. Even after living in Chicago my entire life, I hate it and try to avoid it at all costs, especially now that I have a baby. Although, I may drive out to the mall on a snowy day just for the peace and quiet!!
P.S. Those play gyms in the mall make me freak out. I am a total germaphobe :)