Tuesday, March 17, 2009

He's all boy.

What is up with boys and their junk?

(I already hear Eric's voice in my ear as I contemplate this post and I'm sure I shouldn't post this because Eric won't want me to embarass our son. But I can't help myself. I'm a mom of a boy. It is a new frontier to me!)

The past two nights, our dear son hasn't fallen asleep at bedtime. It is common for him to battle sleep and lay in his bed talking and reading to himself. Most nights, I will peek in him, make sure he is actually in bed and send him off to sleep with "I love you stinky face" . Imagine my surprise the past two nights when I've checked on him to find him stripped naked of his pajamas AND his diaper. And well... to be discreet ...he's found his junk. Tonight, when I flipped on the light, I heard "No Mama" and a baby giggle. Oh boy. A mom's worst nightmare come to life. Why is it I can talk to high school students about every imaginable subject but when I realize my son has discovered his junk, I am at a loss for words or a clear thought on how to respond? Every child psychology class I've ever taken has told me this is normal but I always thought they were talking about SOMEONE ELSE's kid. Not mine.

Of course, I burst into laughter, changed the diaper, and sent him off to sleep. Fully dressed.


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Braillard, he is a boy!!! All boy!!! There is nothing wrong with that. Maybe he is going to grow up to be a Dr. and is just getting an early start on anatomy!