Thursday, June 9, 2011

Alexander has a friend

Alexander has friends. Don't get me wrong. Evan and Addie have been friends since birth and we love what they bring into his life. But ever since Alexander started preschool, I have wondered if he would ever make a new friend. HE DID!! Alexander has a new friend from preschool and he made this connection all on his own. For weeks, it has been "L this" and "L that" around this house. Turns out L was saying the same thing at home about Alexander because last week, Alexander was invited to L's birthday party. And no, it totally wasn't a last minute acceptance because I didn't check my email so I didn't find out two hours before the party and call L's mom to ask if it was too late for us to come. Sheesh. I would never be that mom.

Anyhow, Eric and I decided we would go along for the ride. We weren't certain if parents would be allowed to stay but you know us, if Alexander is having a new adventure, we are going to do whatever we can to be a part of it. When we arrived, as complete strangers walking into a strange home with no familiar faces but our own, all we could do was laugh. This was so out of our comfort zone yet, if it was for Alexander, we were going to go for it. Eric and I did a pretty good job of not clinging to each other while our son ran all over the place with the other four year olds. We soon found ourselves making ridiculously awkward small talk with others. And now we are officially known as "Alexander's mommy and daddy" by a group completely outside our social circle. Weird.

I didn't take any pictures of the birthday party because...well, that's just awkward. But Eric and L's dad hit it off so I imagine there will be future play dates, which means we'll be able to ask before posting pictures of their kid in cyberspace.

Even better than going to L's birthday party and watching a whole new world open up for our kid was finding out they live three blocks away and will be in elementary school two years. I think etiquette would say we need to extend an invite for a playdate since they invited us to the birthday party. Right?

Crazy new world. Crazy.

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