Friday, June 24, 2011


In the car:
"Mom, no one is coming. You can take your free right now".

In the yard:
"Can't talk now, Mom. Boss man (dad) put me to work and I have to move ALL this dirt."

In the house:
"I can't help clean now. I'm in my pajamas and on vacation."

At the store:
"How about you buy me a puzzle, Mom? Come on. You know you want to make me happy."

At swim lessons:
"Well, my new teacher doesn't know how to swim. I'm gonna have to teach her a lot."

About friends:
"We're going to have five playdates at our castle. Otherwise, she's going to miss me too much."

About summer:
"Summer is the BEST because my mommy stays home with me while Daddy works outside."

With grandparents:
"I'm sorry, Ho-Ho Papa. You were right about that piece. But I've been right about all the other ones."

"I wake up early, but Big Papa wakes up REALLY REALLY REALLY early."

On the phone with Umma:
"Hello, Umma. Goodbye, Umma."


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