Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Prince of Puzzles

If you have read this blog for any length of time, you know that Alexander is mad about trains. His second love (after his mama, of course) is puzzles. The bigger the puzzle, the better. And watch out, if there is a train on the puzzle! The screeches of joy can pierce an eardrum.

Most puzzles are purchased at garage sales, purchased by the Puzzle Prince himself.
Sometimes, the pieces are all there. Sometimes, they aren't.

Since this one was bought in Arizona, dragged all over the trailer park, and then driven home to WA, eight missing pieces was pretty darn good!

Fortunately, Eric and I enjoy doing puzzles as much as Alexander enjoys them. Many nights we have spent, huddled over the island, finding puzzle pieces so Alexander can "couple" them up. It's a very interesting process. The boys look at the picture on the box but the girl doesn't. The adults find the pieces but the toddler has to be the one to put them in the puzzle. And sometimes, one of the parents is banned from the building site because Alexander wants one on one time with the other parent. This can happen to either parent at any time.

As if that isn't enough, he has two additional puzzles going at his grandparents homes. For Father's Day, he wanted to buy them card puzzle tables so his Papa's could work on the puzzles if he wasn't around. He's nice like that.

He makes our guests work on puzzles.

Alexander and I worked on this one in his room. We eventually moved this to the living room as it was 1000 pieces as too big for the mat in his room. I think this one was a Santa puzzle.

He finished this round train puzzle with Dad.

The latest project, completed by the boys, with no help from the girl (remember that, "banned from the building site" rule?)

Umma and Papa, Alexander needs to go garage sale-ing soon.

The Prince needs a new project!

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