Sunday, June 19, 2011

Binky Free!

It was a big weekend for our little man. Mom is finally home for the summer. Preschool picnic was Saturday. Alexander turned 4 1/2. And today is all about Dad.

With all that going on, it was time to BREAK THE BINKY.

We have tried to break our kid of this habit before but have been met with stubborn resistance and our hearts haven't really been in it. Alexander has been a binky baby from day three of his life and that self-comfort isn't something that is easy to break.

A few weeks ago, we broached the idea with him about the same time he started talking about his friend, L. Remember the new friend? Anyhow, L doesn't use a binky so we decided to play upon that idea and push for a change on Alexander's half birthday. Plus, Mom would be home and if it went poorly, she could nap to catch up on the sleep. The little man knew this day was coming and actually went into it, fully admitting he was ready to let go of the bink.

Fully ready...until the moment actually arrived. And then he cried and cried. Finally, Mom offered the choice of a stuffed animal to help him sleep. He chose Bear. Excuse the poor quality of the picture as I used my cell phone.

Today, when he woke up, we had a few presents to ease his pain. Who doesn't love a reward? He was eager to open the box.

A couple of Mo Willems pigeon books! If you haven't read these books, you HAVE to. Immediately. And then you'll know why we have taken to calling Alexander our little pigeon.

Finally, we discussed how a boy who could go without a binky, was responsible and ready to play with the marble game that he received for his birthday.

But let's face it, the storage plastic bin is way more fun.

He didn't fight us at nap today, either. He just kept hugging Bear while saying, "it's gonna be a struggle, Bear. It's gonna be a struggle."

And then he fell right to sleep.

Good job, big boy. We're proud of you!

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