Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Vacation

Mid-Winter Break has come and gone. And I'm way behind on posting.

Like last year, Alexander and Mommy spent the first half of the week in Arizona, in the house on wheels. The weather wasn't terrific...but it was warmer than home!

Here we go!

We took walks with Umma and Big Papa.

Someone got a haircut because we had a greatly anticipated event ahead of us...


Like a good captain, Alexander had to yell for everyone to come ALLLLL ABOARD!

Rosie and Cal presented Alexander with his boat award (the boat won 1st price in the Holiday parade).

Umma and I enjoyed the presentation.

And Alexander enjoyed driving his boat!!

Every boat ride needs a cuddle with a Big Papa.

Finally, we arrived at the Road Runner. And Mom wanted pictures.\

The remainder of the week flew by.

We played with puzzles (the kid was OBSESSED with this 1000 piece Santa train puzzle), fed ducks, and soaked up as much sun and relaxation as we could in anticipation of the second half of our vacation...Disneyland!

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