Saturday, March 12, 2011

New Bloggy Design!

Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! Don't you just love the new blog design!? We sure do!

Jen, over at A Daily Dose of Davis, created it for me. She's actually created the last two blog designs (or is it three?) for Alexander's site. I don't have an inch of the creativity she does so I was thrilled when she said she would help us out.

Normally, I have the blog design coincide with the big reveal of his annual professional picture. Ehmmm...we haven't had them done yet we're a TAD behind schedule. So, instead of a new fancy-pants professional photo, I chose his first preschool picture. It seemed right to use it since 1) he's so stinkin' cute in it and 2) preschool was a huge change and 3) change is good for everyone, especially when it is a fun blog design.

My uber-generous friend won't accept anything (believe me, I've tried) as a thank-you gift so a cyber THANK-YOU shout-out will have to suffice. A shout-out may not adequately show my excitement of having a new layout, but believe me, Jen...I LOVE IT!! Thanks, my friend!

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