Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Disneyland Recap

While Alexander is away at his Wednesday night playdate with Ho-Ho Papa and Umma, we're watching a movie and updating blogs. We're watching Kingdom and frankly, I could use the distraction as it is a pretty intense movie.

If I thought Disneyland was magical last year with a three year old, I had no idea the type of entertainment what would occur with a four year old in tow.

Alexander was so much more aware of "Disneyland" and knew EXACTLY what he wanted to do. He was also much more adventurous. Along with his favorites (Dumbo, Go-Go Gadget Roller Coaster, Casey Jr Railroad, Autotopia and the Monorail), Alexander rode the Matterhorn, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Peter Pan. He refused to ride any of those a year ago so our big boy has become very brave. He was also very patient in lines. Of course, he had three people to hold him most of the time...or carry him around.

Add knowledge with short lines on early admission days and you've got a kid who LOVES Disneyland.


Big Thunder Mountain
(Sorry, Umma. This was the only picture of us on the ride. You could have ducked like Jordan)


Casey Jr Railroad.
Ridden approximately 48 times. In. A. Row.

Peter Pan (mommy's favorite)

Pre-show to The Muppet Show

Carousel ride with Mommy

Go-Go Gadget Roller Coaster
Also ridden about 48 times in row.

We love It's a Small World!

But if you ask him, he'll tell you his very favoritist ride was California Soaring in California Adventure. We must have done it 5 or 6 times (poor Umma). And each time, Alexander screamed louder and louder. And we laughed and laughed.

Ready to take off! Umma doesn't like to fly...

We walked and walked and walked. We ate and ate and ate.
And at the end of each day, we slept.

It was a magical vacation!

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Anonymous said...

We had so much fun! Huge train track with two elevated bridges and a lake. Alexander has such a fun imagination. He made us laugh with the question earlier in the day "is today Wednesday?" Love, Umma