Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Playing outdoors.

Mommy does not like to be cold. I stopped playing soccer in the eighth grade for this very reason. I never took up skiing for this very reason. I do not go outside and play in the snow for this very reason. I. Hate. Being. Cold.

Alexander, on the other hand, does not care about the cold temperatures outside. This one is an outdoor boy, through and through. Today, after Daddy worked to get the Explorer running (!), we spent the afternoon walking/running around the yard, digging in the dirt, picking up branches, pulling weeds, and throwing the ball around in sub zero temps. Ok, I might be exaggerating about sub-zero temps. Weather.com states it was 50 degrees today but I insist it was colder.

As usual, I'm amazed how boys LOVE to play in the dirt and get dirty. I never liked the dirt as a kid and have vivid memories of counting down the minutes until Mom would let us back in the house (Mom, I don't blame you for kicking three kids outside in order to find your sanity). Our son showed how he is part goat as he climbed the treacherous terrain known as "the backyard". A young boy's paradise. He rarely fell as he climbed the rock wall, ran down the slippery slope of overgrown grass, and weaved in and out of overgrown trees. Before long, the young boy's cheeks were rosy red, the binky had long disappeared and, despite the freezing temps, both of us had grins on our faces from all the afternoon fun. Be forewarned Gma and Papa in Az.; helping us find a swing set on Craigslist is your spring project!

I'm still thawing out, though.

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