Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Gym

Alexander and Mommy went to Little Gym this morning. Normally, Daddy and Alexander go during the week but today was a make up session. Each week, Eric would share stories of our independent monkey at Little Gym and I admit, I was very curious to see just how rambunctious our son acts in public. I couldn't believe a place actually encourages kids to explore and play and be off task. I wasn't sure if he was exaggerating when he told me that Alexander runs around during group time. Or that his independence is in full force as he makes choices about which events he participates in and which events he would rather spend the time playing on the equipment. I'm sorry I don't have pictures for you. Eric and I decided the other parents probably wouldn't appreciate the camera and there is probably some "no photos" rule in the giant handbook we had to sign.

I'm thrilled to say, there is no exaggeration to any of the stories. The kid loves to explore and this place happily encourages it. Oh, there were times when he would sit on my lap but I suspect it was more for reassurance than anything else. Otherwise, he was on the run and going strong the entire hour. My parents observed from the lobby (along with other proud grandparents) and will back me up when I say, Alexander never stopped moving.

I wanted to see Alexander on the balance beam because Eric says this is his favorite equipment. The first time Alexander went across he let me hold his hand and swing him off the edge with both hands. The second time, I could hold his hand but he wanted to jump off by himself. The beam is 4 feet off the ground so I said no and swung him off again. The third and fourth times, he would not let me hold his hand (believe me, my hands were centimeters from his body) as he ran, unassisted and never looking at his feet, down the length of the balance beam. And he laughed the entire time as he ran and leapt off into the air at the end...with me still holding his hands. I'll give him some freedom but a parent often has to help a child land and I'm not ready to let go just yet.

I know our son is fast. I know our son is coordinated. I know our son is independent. I didn't know how amazing it would feel to watch him put all of this together.

I rarely acknowledge that Alexander might be skilled in an area because I know there are going to be other kids out there that are better or worse in all areas. Comparing him doesn't mean a thing. But it made this PE teacher and former coach proud to watch her kid show off his athletic skills. Even I was impressed. Way to go, monkey boy.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful hour we had watching. Dan exclaimed we are in such trouble, you do realize that the railing caps of the deck are exactly 4 inches wide! When Patrick and Papa designed and built the deck little did we know we would need railings 8 feet tall....but then Alex would probably find a way to climb even that height.
It was incredible to watch him run down the beam this morning and use all the equipment. When the guitar was strummed he was right in there helping everyone cleaning up.
Have to admit I loved the love and delight on his face when he came out and spotted us waiting for him!
Have to go now and design a new deck......