Monday, February 23, 2009

Happy Blog Anniversary!

It occured to me, when racking my brain on a topic for the blog tonight, that it had to be getting close to our year anniversary of bloggdom. As it turns out, I missed the date by a few weeks. Our first post was February 7, 2008, with a picture of a very happy little one year old.

I'm not sure anyone, least of all me, thought I would keep this blog up and running for a full year. I usually lose patience and interest (just ask anyone about the pile of scrapbook tools that is collecting dust in the loft) and move on to the next fad.

Alexander definitely keeps my interest and sharing him with you on the blog is something I truly enjoy. Thanks for joining us and Life with Alexander. Hope you've enjoyed beats getting an email with pictures every month, eh?


Kate @ Life As I Live It said...

Happy Belated Blogoversary! It's addicting, ain't it? :)

michelle said...

We find what we do well and we stick with it. you have found your passion and his name is Alexander. Keep up the good work! FYI Eventually you will set morning time limits and he will stick with them, no one is allowed up before 8 in our house and it has worked for a few years. As for the vaccuuming and out for that I gave Konley 3rd degree burns as a baby due to the suction of the vaccuum! One of my better mommy moments, to be sure!