Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Pictures from the Big Birthday Party!

Better late than never!
Last year, the cupcake tradition began. The night before Alexander's birthday party, my cousin Jodie stays the night with us and she and Eric make cupcakes. We all consume adult beverages and wake up with birthday hangovers. We're not sure how long the tradition will last but we'll enjoy it as long as we can!
Jodie and Eric make cupcakes...and then Jodie and I get goofy!

The birthday was a Bob the Builder theme so construction signs and caution tape was vital to setting the scene.

Surprisingly it was a sunny day and I couldn't avoid the glare in the pics!
When Eric and I celebrate our birthdays, we exchange gifts at midnight. Since waking a toddler at midnight is a terrible idea, Alexander opened his gifts from us first thing after waking up.
Jodie and Alexander play with his newest toy while we wait for guests to arrive.

Daddy's waiting too...

Family and friends arrive and the fun begins!

Opening presents

Blowing out the candles. For a second year, Alexander wanted nothing to do with his cupcake.

After awhile, only a few remained to enjoy the fun and stayed to the very end.

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Fidelia said...

Hooray! That was so fun. So far I love parties for Alexander at your new house! Can we do it again?