Monday, January 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Alexander!

Happy Birthday to our little man.
Born January 18 at 12:56 PM
7lb, 10oz 19inches long

Wishes really do come true.

From the beginning you reached out, grabbed our fingers and our hearts, and have never let go. You are our happy boy who has given sweet smiles, baby giggles, and sloppy kisses to all who love you.

The past two years have been the adventure of a lifetime. May you continue to shine your bright light on others, bring smiles and laughter to their hearts, and always be our strong, happy little man.

We love you!


Auntie Kim said...

He really is a very beautiful little man! Although...I am bias!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the fun party! All those wonderful little people and pretty great big people too.
He is such a sweet, funny, happy, etc. etc. guy.
We are so lucky.
Grandma B

mnmommy said...

Happy birthday sweet Alexander!!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Can't believe you're already two!