Saturday, January 10, 2009

I'm still laughing

So yesterday Alex and I are deciding what to have for lunch. We're looking in the drawer at vegetables and decide on some peas and carrots. I place them in a bowl for him and he takes a bite and I head back into the kitchen to grab him some milk. I hear him say, "yuck!" as I start pouring the milk, I turn and start putting the cap on the bottle as he climbs down from his seat heads into the kitchen opens the door under the sink and dumps the peas and carrots into the garbage. I stand there blinking for a moment and he gets back into his chair and sits there like nothing just happened. I look at the empty bowl still in disbelief and ask him, "Did you just throw the peas and carrots away?" he replies, "Yea. Icky." We got a can of green beans instead and he was much happier.

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