Monday, January 11, 2010

A Cold and Mommy's Nostalgia Take Over

Yesterday, Alexander woke up from his nap, crying, coughing and couldn't breathe from his head cold. I picked him up and he immediately started gagging and puking up phlegm. On me. By now, I'm pretty used to a kid's bodily fluids. I remember the day I was at school and my TA asked what was on my shoulder. A lovely combination of dried milk and graham cracker, compliments of Alexander. So, I'm used it. Alexander rarely gets sick, though. I can count on one hand the number of times he has had a cold and he's never had the stomach flu (knock on wood).

We are using eucalyptus oil drops in a steamy bathroom to help clear him up, chicken noodle soup, and watching for a fever. So far, all indications are a cold that is improving. But we suspect he has mold/mildew allergies from the train track that sat outside for 10 years before entering our home (it's since been removed since the last post about train sets). Making an appointment with an allergist is on the list for this week. He finally fell asleep around 10, Eric had the midnight - 1AM shift, I took the 4AM shift and have been awake with him ever since, taking the day off from work.

There is nothing worse than having your baby look up at you, tears running down his face, gagging, throwing up, and asking "why, mama". Nothing.

On another note, one of my sorority sisters is picking up the glider tonight. She is due to have a baby in about 3 weeks. We were chatting on FB last night, she mentioned she needed a glider, I mentioned I had a glider that isn't in use and here we are. We removed it from Alexander's room a few weeks ago so I'm ready for it to go.

I love the idea that she will be using it to rock her baby to sleep, sit in it to feed the baby, and eventually, read and rock to the baby, like we did with Alexander. I looked through the 2 bins of baby clothes for some things for her to use, too. She doesn't know the gender (who does that?) so I wasn't able to find much for her. But as I was looking through baby blankets, baby sleepers, and onesies, I was overcome with incredible sadness that we won't have another child. Oh, how I would love to have another baby. So would Eric. But it doesn't appear that is in the cards for us.

Slowly, we will give away baby items that we know will be well used and loved. The bins will widdle down to a few favorites outfits and blankets (especially those made by loving hands) and be placed on a shelf in the garage because I won't be able to part with them. And the memories of baby will drift to the back of our mind as our little man grows up.

Pretty sweet memories if you ask me.

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